Announcing a Special Resource for Hamster Owners

"Breakthrough Ebook Reveals Secrets of How to Raise a Happy, Healthy Hamster"

Dear Fellow Hamster Lover,

Hamsters are some of the cutest animals on the planet. Kids love them, and theyŐre pretty easy to care for, too.

However, there are some things you need to know beyond giving your furry friend food, water, and a clean cage.

Did you know that hamsters are very susceptible to the common cold and other viruses we humans consider pretty minor? These diseases can be fatal to hamsters. Fortunately, there are easy ways to nurse your hamster back to good health - if you know how.

You canŐt safely give your hamster just any old food, either. Some treats that seem perfectly innocent can be downright harmful to hamsters.

As with any pet, choosing and owning a hamster is a responsibility you shouldnŐt take on without proper knowledge.

Finally, there's a breakthrough new ebook all about raising hamsters the right way.

It's called "The Complete Hamster Care Guide", and it covers everything you need to know about taking care of your hamster.

Whether you like golden (Syrian) hamsters, dwarf hamsters, Campbell's, winter whites, Roborovskis, or other types of hamsters, you'll find complete coverage in the ebook.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn:

  • Is a hamster the right pet for you?

  • How to easily tell whether a hamster is male or female

  • Common places you should never go to buy a hamster

  • The many varieties of hamsters and how to choose the right hamster for you

  • Common foods that can make your hamster sick (or worse)

  • Which types of hamsters should be kept together, and which ones should never live in the same cage

  • What to do before you get a hamster

  • Ways to help your hamster live longer

  • How to save money buying your hamster's cage, and pitfalls to avoid

  • All about dwarf hamsters and other "exotic" species and how to meet their special needs

  • How to make sure you choose a healthy hamster in the first place

  • Tips on hamsters and kids

  • Common types of bedding that can kill your hamster. (Sadly, these are still sold in pet stores and labeled as safe.)

  • How to keep your hamster's environment clean, healthy, and safe

  • Extensive coverage of all the popular types of hamster cages, including some you may not have known about

  • Which popular cage accessory could be dangerous for your dwarf hamster?

  • The right way to bring your hamster home

  • Common mistakes and health hazards to avoid when setting up your hamster's cage

  • What to do immediately if your hamster escapes (page 48)

  • An extensive list of foods your hamster will love

  • Advice for keeping hamsters with other types of pets?

  • Tips on traveling with your hamster

  • The right time of day to buy your hamster

  • Should you bathe your hamster? See page 33.

  • Fun and safe ways to play with your hamster

  • Signs your hamster may be sick, and what to do about it

  • Why some popular types of cages may be a bad choice for your hamster

  • A step-by-step program for taming your hamster so he will want to be handled

  • How to make sure your hamster gets the exercise he needs

  • Common mistakes to avoid when breeding hamsters. (Do this wrong, and your hamster could be killed.)

  • How to care for pregnant and newborn hamsters

  • Safe ways of capturing a runaway hamster

  • A complete cage cleaning and maintenance checklist

  • Hamster toys and accessories you can easily make yourself and save money in the process

  • And much more!

As you can see, this is no ordinary hamster book. It's based on years of my personal experience owning and breeding hamsters and is packed with the latest up-to-date information. Don't learn everything by trial and error, and risk losing a few hamsters along the way, when you can invest in this ebook and get the information you need right now.

"I really liked this book. I found it very useful, interesting, and easy to understand."

Rachel Burniston
United Kingdom

The best part of all is

You can be reading this ebook 2 minutes from now!

Because "The Complete Hamster Care Guide" is an ebook you read right on your computer, there's no waiting for a package to arrive, and no shipping or handling charges.

(The ebook is in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format, readable on Windows®, Macintosh®, or Linux/Unix computers.)

"The Complete Hamster Care Guide" is not sold in stores. It's available only from this website.

Click here to get the ebook now.

So how much is it going to cost?

I won't insult you by saying that marketing experts told me I should charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for this ebook. I think you're smarter than that.

The price will be going up soon, but for now, the next 25 people can get it as part of a special marketing test for the low price of only $18.88. That's less than my local pet shop charges for one black bear hamster.

Why am I practically giving this ebook away? Well, since it is brand new, I'm still gathering feedback from readers like you. If you get your order in before the price goes up, all I ask is that you email me your honest comments about the ebook once you've read it. (And if you do so, let me know if I can share your comments. Your contact information, such as email address, will be kept private.)

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like "The Complete Hamster Care Guide" for any reason, just let me know within 90 days, and I'll issue you a prompt, no-hassle refund. And you won't have to pack up anything to ship back! What could be more fair than that?

Click here to get the ebook now.

As if getting "The Complete Hamster Care Guide" for a special low price with a 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee wasn't good enough, I'm including these bonuses at no extra charge:

  • Hamster pre-purchase checklist- Print this out and take it with you when you get your hamster. It includes all my tips on selecting a healthy hamster.

  • Free updates for life- Whenever I release an updated edition of the ebook, I'll send it to you free, even if the price has gone up since you bought it. (Don't you hate it when people want you to pay full price to buy their book again just because they added a new chapter or updated some information? I'd rather keep you happy by making sure you get the same updated ebook that future customers will get.)

  • My private email address where you can ask me any questions about hamsters. (I get a lot of email, so I don't know how long I'll be able to offer this bonus. I suggest you get the ebook now while this bonus is still included.)

  • Special unannounced bonuses- I don't want to spill the beans, but I like to over-deliver, so in the weeks after your purchase, I'll send you additional bonuses, probably when you least expect them. And if I ever add any bonuses to this package, you'll get those, too. It's only fair.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get "The Complete Hamster Care Guide" now before the price goes up and the bonus package is trimmed back.

Click here to get the ebook now.

Good luck with your hamsters.


Scott Stevens

Fellow Hamster Fan

P.S. Don't forget, the special $18.88 test price won't last long. Once the next 25 copies are sold and I get enough comments from readers, the price will be going up. Please don't ask me for an exception if you come back to this website later and the price has gone up.

P.P.S. I donŐt know how long I'll be able to include my private email address as part of this offer, since I can't handle questions from thousands of readers. So get your order in now before I come to my senses.

Click here to get the ebook now.

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